Domestic Support Appeals in Texas

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We at Godwin Bowman PC are dedicated to our clients and have proved this through years of professional practice, training, and exemplary results in the field of family law. If you are dealing with an unfair support order from a Texas family court, you have the right to appeal — first to the Court of Appeals and eventually the Texas Supreme Court, if necessary. Our firm can help you do this.

It is important to understand that the appeals process is complex and requires strict adherence to an entirely unique set of procedural regulations and judicial standards of review. At our firm, we have experience with all types of family law appeals. Courts can make mistakes. If you have been handed what you believe to be a bad or unfair decision, let us take a stand for you and navigate the appellate process on your behalf.

How Does The Appeals Process Work?

The appellate court will not open a new trial. Instead, the trial court's ruling will be reviewed based on the following data and information:

  • The clerk's official record
  • The court reporter's official record
  • Written briefs provided by the lawyers of both parties

Many attorneys do not have the skills necessary to handle the unique challenges of the appellate process. This is why you must choose a Dallas family law attorney who understands how to defend your interests strategically and effectively. At Godwin Bowman PC, we have more than 35 years of experience as a firm, and a long track record of successful outcomes for our clients. Our reputation for skilled advocacy is widely recognized. When you choose our firm to protect your interests in a support appeal, you can be confident that we have what it takes.

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