Parents' Rights Attorney In Dallas

Let Us Represent You & Your Family

At Godwin Bowman PC, we believe in the importance of parenthood and are proud to offer strategic representation in the area of parent's rights cases. As a parent facing a family law case - whether it be a divorce, paternity issue, child custody / visitation matter, support dispute, or allegations of abuse or neglect - you deserve to have an attorney on your side who understands the nuances of your case and who is ready and able to protect your parental rights adequately.

Protect Your Parental Rights: Avoid Common Mistakes

It's important to make sure that you are protecting your interests, your child's well-being, and your rights as a parent by adhering to the following advice:

  • DON'T just rely on advice from friends and family; you need a qualified professional on your side.
  • DO respond quickly and correctly to legal action.
  • DON'T sign a settlement agreement without fully understanding and accepting its contents.
  • DO speak with a family law attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced as soon as possible.
  • DON'T assume that the law is against you and that you have no rights or options.
  • DO make sure that you adhere exactly to the stipulations included in the settlement agreement once you have signed it.
  • DON'T agree to disagreeable terms under pressure.
  • DO get educated about the legal protections available to you as a parent.
  • DON'T underestimate your importance in your child's life.

Our Dallas attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced. You can rely on us to fight for you.

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