Godwin Bowman PC Family Law Attorney, Laci Bowman Finalizes Adoption

Posted By Godwin Bowman PC || Jun 15, 2015

Godwin Bowman PC Family Law Attorney, Laci Bowman recently finalized the adoption of Jenae Taylor Garza. Jenae is an 11 year old girl whose step-dad has been the only father she has known. The family decided that it was time to formalize the relationship by giving Jenae their last name, and her little brother Christian agreed! Christian told the Judge that he really wanted his sister to have his last name... and so they did. Last week Janae’s step-dad adopted her, giving her their family’s last name of Garza. Her grandparents, sibling and cousin were also present to witness the special occasion. Jenae told the Judge that she was “so happy for the adoption!” Congratulations Garza Family!

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