Godwin Bowman PC Attorney Robert McGuire Featured in U.S. News Article

Posted By Godwin Bowman PC || Jun 13, 2016

Godwin Bowman PC Shareholder, Robert J. McGuire, was featured in the U.S. News and World Report article, “4 Tips to Be a Better Executor.” In the story, Mr. McGuire discusses what executors must focus on during their time in this role and what they should expect. This is a beneficial article for anyone who has been listed as an executor, but may not be sure of the responsibilities that come along with the title. If you have been named an executor, we encourage you to read the article in order to better understand the process, what you need to do, and the various steps you need to take. Above all else, Mr. McGuire states, “If you maintain good records, we'll always be able to defend you. If anyone complains, we'll be in a position to defend you, unless you've done the cardinal sin and benefiting yourself over others, because you're a fiduciary. You don't get the best choice, even if you're an heir. You have to take others' considerations ahead of yours."

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