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  • Feb 162017

    Fox 4: Family Law Attorney Laci Bowman Comments on Leiliana Wright child abuse case

    Godwin Bowman PC Family Law Attorney, Laci Bowman, comments on the Fox 4 story regarding Leiliana Wright, one of dozens of children who died in Texas in 2016 as a result of abuse or neglect, despite being on Child Protect Services' radar. Click here to get the full story.

  • Mar 112016

    It's Not Just for Trick or Treat...Who Gets the Kids on Holidays?

    The standard holiday possession schedule in the Texas Family Code does not address Halloween or several other non-major events as holidays. This means parents are stuck with the default possession schedule you have in place for normal weekend/weekday possession, unless you specifically address ...

  • Mar 112016

    Possession in Texas: Children Under 3 - A Different Animal

    The Texas Family Code sets forth a “Standard Possession Order” detailing custody procedures of children whose parents are going through (or have gone through) divorce. It is presumed that the standard possession order provides “reasonable minimum possession of a child” and is in the “best interest ...

  • Aug 312015

    FAQ: How Long Will It Take to Get Through My Divorce?

    Often, when I meet with a new client for the first time, the initial question I am asked is, “How long will my divorce take?” While I would like to provide a definite answer, the response that I normally have to give is that, “It depends”. This logically leads to the next question, which is, “What ...

  • Jun 152015

    Godwin Bowman PC Family Law Attorney, Laci Bowman Finalizes Adoption

    Godwin Bowman PC Family Law Attorney, Laci Bowman recently finalized the adoption of Jenae Taylor Garza. Jenae is an 11 year old girl whose step-dad has been the only father she has known. The family decided that it was time to formalize the relationship by giving Jenae their last name, and her ...

  • Mar 232015

    Surrogacy and Gestational Agreements

    Infertility is seldom discussed, but often experienced by so many couples. Thanks to the contributions of our medical professionals, infertility problems can be addressed and oftentimes result in a traditional birth experience. Even if a married couple is unable to give birth to child, the couple is ...

  • Nov 132014

    November: National Adoption Month!*

    For so many of us, having a family does not always mean the traditional family structure of one mother and one father. For example, a family may be comprised of biological children, stepchildren, adoptive children, or any combination. From the child’s perspective, his or her “parents” may consist of ...

  • May 72014

    Valuing Real Estate

    In divorce , the Court must determine a just and right division of the marital estate , including any real estate owned by the parties. To do this, the real property owned by the parties should be given a value. If the parties try their case to a jury, the value of an asset is a jury question. The ...

  • Jan 152014

    To Vary or not to Vary: Determining an Amount of Child Support

    Texas offers a formula for determining the typical amount of child support owed, which is generally referred to as “guideline support.” The Texas Family Code states that the guidelines are intended to guide the Court to determine an equitable amount of child support. The amount of child support ...

  • Aug 152013

    Flight Risk! Could Your Children be Relocated Against Your Wishes?

    Do you understand what’s in your divorce decree? In some circumstances, your child could be relocating to Alaska next week, and you would be powerless to stop it. Here’s how it might happen here in North Texas…. When a parent files a “Petition for Divorce or Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship” ...

  • Jul 222013

    Building Something New and Hopefully Better: The Collaborative Approach

    In my experience, it is a rare marriage that ends in divorce because of one person’s doing. Marriage takes a lot of work from two people fully committed to the relationship. The choice to get divorced is a huge decision that should be made after careful consideration, but that is just step one in ...