About Us



Both young and experienced lawyers who begin their careers with us have a very bright future. We seek lawyers who have passion for client-focused law practice and who want to uniquely design their careers. It is not unusual for a four or five-year associate to present the opening argument in a high-stakes, multi-million dollar trial. We create lean trial teams because we can respond faster and be more efficient – this approach is better for our clients. Even on the largest pieces of litigation, associates play an active and integral role from beginning to end.


Many of our key managers and directors have been employees of the firm for ten years or more. We don’t expect loyalty that we don’t give in return – our mutual commitment has fueled both the growth and stability of our firm.

Legal secretaries and paralegals, as well as other key personnel, are critical to our delivering a high-quality product and extraordinary service to our clients. We recognize our employees’ contributions and appreciate that they play an integral part in making us an exceptional firm.