Collaborative Divorce Lawyers in Dallas

Get Divorced Without Going to Court

In order to understand what a collaborative divorce is, it is best to first understand what it is not. Traditional divorce litigation involves a court process and can be difficult and contentious. Both parties are represented by separate attorneys. Both are fighting for their own interests. The process can be lengthy and very financially draining. Moreover, the very nature of the court process encourages contention and disagreement between the parties.

In a collaborative divorce process, while both parties still have their own representing attorneys, the focus is different. At Godwin Bowman PC, we use collaborative family law to help our clients reach effective, holistic resolutions that focus on cooperation and understanding as opposed to competition and divisiveness. Not only does this foster a result you will both be confident in and at peace with, but it also prioritizes a long-term working relationship that will encourage future cooperation between you both and facilitate an environment that is good for your children.

Collaborative divorce can be:

  • Better for your family
  • Better for your future
  • Less expensive than traditional divorce
  • Less time-consuming than traditional divorce

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At Godwin Bowman PC, we believe divorce does not have to be devastating; a harsh and caustic environment of bitterness and disagreement. Through collaborative divorce, you and your spouse can often achieve a better result by working together and utilizing creative options to achieve a solution that works for you and your unique situation. In this sense, collaborative divorce allows you to maintain control.

With years of experience and a reputation for elite advocacy, our team at Godwin Bowman PC has the tools to help you achieve a better future. Learn more about what sets us apart.