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One of the most contentious areas of any divorce can be the process of property division. In dividing marital property and real estate, it is important that you have an experienced attorney on your side to answer your questions. Our firm can provide the perspective and assistance necessary to help you move forward with success and confidence.

Who will get the house?

In many divorce cases with children involved, the house may be awarded to the parent with primary custody in order to provide continuity and security for the family. The court always prioritizes the best interests of the child. When no kids are involved, the standard is simply a just and fair division of property. In some cases, this may mean selling the house and splitting the resulting revenue.

When it comes to selling real estate sale in a divorce, you may face questions such as:

  • Who will live in the house while it is listed for sale?
  • Who will pay expenses, including the mortgage and insurance, until the house is sold?
  • Who will pay for routine expenses or repairs on the house?
  • How will the proceeds from the sale of the house be divided?
  • How will the terms of the divorce describe the award of the house?