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Appealing Property Division Orders in Dallas

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Division of marital property is one of the most complex — and, often, one of the most contentious — aspects of divorce. Ensuring that your rights are protected is important.

  • The property will be divided by the court based on a number of factors, including:
    • The earnings potential of both parties
    • The fault in the breakup of the marriage
    • The education and training of each party
    • The physical health of the parties
    • The amount of separate property owned by each spouse

Understanding the Appellate Process in Texas

If you are handed a bad court decision, concerning property division, in Texas family court you can appeal that decision to the Court of Appeals and potentially to the Texas Supreme Court. This does not mean that a new trial is opened. Instead, the trial court’s ruling will be reviewed by the new court, using a specific set of procedural rules and standards. The review will be based on the clerk’s official record, the court reporter’s record, and written briefs from the attorneys.

The appeals process is complicated and involves separate standards of review. At Godwin Bowman PC, our divorce attorneys have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide you with effective representation in your property division appeal. We have more than three decades of experience and a reputation for excellent service. We will protect your interests and aggressively defend your rights.

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