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Drafting Pre & Post-Marital Agreements in Dallas

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Establishing a pre or post-marital agreement is a wise move that allows you to protect your future with your spouse. Our firm provides representation and assistance in establishing these agreements for your peace of mind and security. Speak with Godwin Bowman PC today about your options.

As you commit to the person you want to spend your life with, knowing that you both are protected will give you the confidence you need to take the next step. Schedule a consultation with a family lawyer from Godwin Bowman PC regarding a pre or post marital agreement.

Why do I need a premarital agreement?

Signing a pre-marital or pre-nuptial agreement — sometimes referred to as a “pre-nup” — has many benefits. The agreement can serve as a record of the property owned by you and your spouse before the marriage. In a divorce in the state of Texas, the judge will divide the marital estate equitably. A prenuptial agreement can give you additional control and result in a less stressful and confusing divorce.

We understand that you may have questions about this process, such as:

  • Why is a pre / post-marital agreement important?
  • How are these agreements enforced?
  • How will the agreement affect children born in the marriage?
  • Does every asset need to be explicitly identified in the agreement? What if something is left out?
  • Is a pre / post-marital agreement that was established in Texas enforceable in other states?
  • Does a pre / post-marital agreement affect the estate in the event of a spouse’s death?
  • How is the agreement affected by circumstances such as domestic abuse or infidelity?

We can answer these and other questions when you contact our firm. We understand the sensitive nature of these matters. Providing elite legal service for couples in Texas is what we do best.