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Our firm offers experienced and nuanced representation in all matters pertaining to probate and estate planning, particularly in complex matters involving beneficiary disputes, will and trust contests, and probate and trust administration.

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When the time comes to validate a will and administer the estate, disputes are quite common. In matters involving a disputed beneficiary, invalid will, or breach of fiduciary duty, we can help protect your interests.

Estate Planning

When you need a sophisticated strategy to protect you or your family’s financial future, turn to Godwin Bowman PC. Our Texas estate planning lawyers understand that estate planning is extremely personal and we take the time to know our clients and recognize their unique needs and concerns.

Family Wealth Protection

We implement estate planning strategies that can help you transfer wealth to family members in the most efficient way possible. Protect your finances and your family’s financial future by discussing your case with one of our skilled lawyers.

Guardianship Disputes

Protecting those under your care is undoubtedly one of your chief concerns. Godwin Bowman PC frequently handles contested guardianships. These can arise when an individual has been declared as lacking in capacity due to some physical or mental impairment.

Estate Administration

Whether you are an individual or business acting as an executor, we can help you resolve disputes arising from estate administration. The multi-faceted probate process and the complexity of fiduciary duties present numerous possibilities for contention and confusion. Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you navigate these situations.

Estate Litigation

Disputes can often arise in probate administration and estate planning, particularly in matters involving large estates or multiple properties and bank accounts. Our Texas estate planning litigation lawyers protect our clients' most critical interests when there are claims of undue influence, contested beneficiaries, and contested guardianship, among others.

Tax Planning

Handling the estate administration and probate process in the most tax-efficient manner can make a tremendous difference when it comes to protecting wealth and ensuring it is distributed to the proper parties. We are thorough and meticulous when it comes to estate tax planning and the disputes that can arise in this field.

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The probate and estate administration process can be complex and, in some cases, contentious. Having an experienced attorney on your side is crucial to a successful outcome. As a client-centered firm, Godwin Bowman PC works hard to earn the trust of the individuals and companies we represent.

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