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Our firm is committed to fighting for our clients’ interests. We have over three decades of experience and a reputation for skilled advocacy. We use a team approach in helping our clients. You can rely on our team at Godwin Bowman & Martinez to protect your rights and your interests during what may be a very difficult time.

Divorce cases often invoke a broad range of legal issues, among them:

  • Property division - Dividing your property and assets between you and your spouse
  • Debt division - Deciding who will pay what percentage of specific debts collected over the course of your marriage
  • Alimony / spousal support - Determining who will receive spousal support, as well as the amount and duration of spousal maintenance payments, if any
  • Child custody - Deciding the legal custody and physical custody of your children, if applicable

Godwin Bowman & Martinez can help you make these determinations equitably, protecting your interests fairly and ensuring that you have access to the advice and answers you need. Walking through a divorce can be complex and challenging. Choose a Dallas divorce lawyer from our firm for the assistance you need to feel confident about the direction of your divorce case.

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